What I Ate Today #26

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there. My bedhead and I feel like we did a little bit of a workout yesterday. Sore in a few places, but not crippled.

One thing I figured out about my little morning routine is that it started better yesterday because I woke up when the “sunrise” thing on my phone started shining 15 minutes before the audio alarm went off. Today I didn’t wake up until the music started playing, and I was definitely not ready for morning stretches 5 minutes later. Hell, it took me that long just to get up, pee, and get dressed. Plus another 5 minutes to figure out why my earbuds wouldn’t connnect to my iPad (for the YouTube video). Because they’d already connected to my phone. Yes, it too me 5 minutes to figure that out and fix it. Pre-coffee Old Man Brain. Ouch. So I may have to adjust that timing. Or not. I fixed it by waking up Son #3 15 minutes later than usual. It didn’t seem to disrupt his routine, and maybe having a little less time for him to screw around before getting ready for school is actually a good thing.


Sauteed onions, mushrooms, and ham with a little bit of spinach on toast with a bit of homemade aioli and a fried egg on top. I was going to poach the egg, but in the end I fried it so that I only had one pan to clean up afterward. Very tasty, but too much aioli, so it overpowered the mushrooms. I’ll keep working on it, because it’s a nice brekkie. 1 point for the butter to sautee the mushrooms, 1 point for the ham, 3 points for the bread, and 0 points for the aioli, veggies, and eggs make it 5 points for the meal, and 5 points for the day so far.

After breakfast, I had a busy morning taking Son#2 to the doctor (for paperwork, not illness), then to uni to hang out with his mate. Then on to Westfield to pick up the air fryer I bought last night. And while I was there, I walked 4900 steps in about 50 minutes. I haven’t been talking about my daily steps much lately, but I promise, while I slacked off on the weekend (barely got 10,000 steps in both days put together), I’ve been getting at least 10k steps every day this week.

Anyway, on the way home I realised that I was really pretty hungry, so I went with the quickest thing I could think of. Well, I could’ve saved a little time by not toasting the sandwich (did it the old fashioned way, in a pan, rather than fuss with the sandwich maker), but the bread was not the freshest, and needed a bit of help.

The sandwich was great. I got the amount, and intensity, of the aioli just right this time. The cheese could’ve been a little meltier, but that’s what I get for not using the sandwich press. And not having the patience to cook it for another minute or so. And between the sandwich and the HUGE freaking carrot, it was very filling. And the dipping sauce was some French’s Sweet Buffalo Mustard that I picked up at Aldi last week. Pretty good stuff. Didn’t really work with carrot sticks, but I can’t wait to try it with some chicken tenders cooked in the new air fryer. And only 1 point. So 10 for the sandwich, 0 for the carrot, and 1 for the dipping sauce is 11 for the meal, and 16 for the day so far.


I mentioned earlier that I went and picked up a new air fryer. I had no intention of cooking with it tonight, but dinner plans (such as they were) disintegrated quickly, so the rest of the family got takeaway, and I was left with a big packet of chicken drumsticks and sweet potatoes that I’d planned on baking for everybody. But since it was just for me, I tossed them in the air fryer. Very cool. 8 points for the chicken, 1 point for the sweet potato (spray oil) and zero points for the steamed broccolini is 9 points in total. That brings my total for the day up to 25.

And a little sweet treat to end the day, in recognition that when my family tempted me with takeaway, I resisted. It’s an extra big serve (85g) because I finished off the little tub, so that’s 3 points, and I finish the day with 28 points. And I don’t All The Things and I’m getting my ass to bed. Good night, all you beautiful Internet people out there. I hope you avoided some of the temptations life threw at you today, too. Not all of them. But some. Take care of yourselves, and be good.

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