Weigh-in Day #21

This morning I weighed in at 175.5 kg (387 lb), down 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) for the week. That’s the result of tracking all my meals, eating a lot of zero-point foods (mostly veggies and chicken, and a bit of fish (canned tuna). And from moving more. I’m still not back to doing a regular morning walk (even though I’m getting up at 5 am most mornings), but I am making more of an effort to go out for short walks. Last week I said that I was going to increase my daily steps by planning some activities. I managed 3 out of 5 of the activities, so there’s some room for improvement there, but on the other hand, I can just transfer them to this week and it’s all good. I also said that I wanted to get my average steps up over 5000, and I did that with plenty to spare–8241 steps per day. Back in June, I was averaging nearly 9500, but that was when I was getting out for my early morning walks 5 days a week.

My Weight Watchers app tells me that this is my lowest weight since December, 2018. That’s a good feeling. Physically, I feel better because my clothes fit better. I have a little more energy. Last month my wife and I went out. We planned to meet in the city after she finished work, catch a show (Hannah Gadsby), then ride home together in her car. After a nice night, we hopped in the car, and discovered that the seat belt in her car wouldn’t fit around me. So I ended up catching the bus back home. It was pretty humiliating. We didn’t make a big deal about it, but that’s not a very nice way to end a date night. This Thursday, we tried again (sneak preview of The Invisible Man), and this time, I got the damned thing clicked, and we came home together. 🙂

These are some of the little wins. Because it’s not all about the numbers. It’s about what the numbers mean. The changes they represent. The ability to focus and maintain a more positive mindset. Feeling a little more comfortable on the bus, in a crowded cafe, or a theater seat. Walking to the top of the hill without having to stop to catch my breath. Riding home with my wife after a nice night out. This is what we talked about at our meeting this week. Non-scale victories. I know that I often have a tendency to get too focused on the numbers. It’s so easy, six months or a year later, to go back and look at them, see the trends. It’s harder to remember how good it felt with that seat belt clicked. I’m hoping that writing about it helps.

Am I Really Back? Yes, I Think I Am

The Internet tells me that it’s been 243 days since my last post. The last time I stopped posting, it was for 466 days. Clearly, I’m getting better at maintaining a regular blogging schedule. 😉 I’ve meant to start up again several times, but I kept holding off, waiting to see if I was really back onto a serious effort. Every time, it turned out I wasn’t. But I’m feeling more confident this time. I’ve been working at it steadily for 3 weeks now.

Funnily enough, I weight almost the exact same weight that I recorded in my last post. I was 178.7 kg in June last year, and I weighed in this morning at 178.6 kg. Boom! Down 100 grams!

Well, not really. When I look at my past weigh-ins (yes, I have occasionally gone to WW meetings in the interim), I’ve varied between 178.1 kg and 187.5 kg, and averaged 181.3 kg. My average weight since I joined WW back in May, 2017 is 178.0 kg. So I’m just a little above my average. Everything from here on should be moving me into positive territory. 😄

Today at our meeting we talked about WW’s STAR system for achieving goals. So I’m setting a mini-goal to lose 8.7 kg so that I’ll break 170 kg and get back in the 160s. I haven’t been there since July, 2018.

S = specific. Set a clear goal, and plan out in as much detail as reasonable how you’ll go about achieving it. My goal is to lose 8.7 kg to get back under 170 kg. My plan for doing that is to eat healthy, low calorie (and low WW SmartPoint) meals, and to avoid snacking. I’ve been doing that the last couple of weeks by eating a lot of vegetables, and a little chicken and fish. It’s worked well (I’ve lost 7.3 kg in the last two weeks). And FitBit says that my average number of steps was 3928 for the last week, and 4894 for the last 28 days. I’m going to increase that to an average of over 5000 steps a day by planning an activity for at least 5 days next week.

T= truly doable. It’s important to make sure the goal is achievable. I’m not going to set a time frame on the goal. I’m just going to focus on getting it done. Once I see how I’m going, I might try to work out a reasonable time. If my past performance is anything to go by, I’m thinking 5 to 8 weeks.

A = active. Plan to achieve your goals by focusing on what you’re going to do, instead of on what you’re not going to do. I’m going to plan my meals in advance. I’m going to track everything I eat (or drink, if it has calories). I’m going to plan activities to increase my steps. I’m going to enjoy eating more vegetables. I’m going to eat enough at meal times that I don’t feel hungry in between meals. I’m going to keep myself busy enough that I don’t feel bored and snackish in between meals.

R = relevant. The actions you plan to take should be things you want to do, not just things you think you should do. Look at both the actions themselves and the reasons why you want to do them. I want to eat more healthily because it’ll help me lose weight. I want to lose weight because I feel better when I weigh less. My clothes fit better. I feel more comfortable out in public–not just emotionally, but I literally fit more easily (on the bus, in a crowded cafe, etc.). When I feel more comfortable out in public, I want to go out more. When I go out more, I have more fun.

So there you go. I’m back, and I weigh pretty much the same as I did the last time I quit blogging, and also the time before that. Lotta ups-and-downs, ins-and-outs, and what-have-yous, but I honestly feel like I’m in a much better place, I’ve got a plan, and I’m going to keep trying.

Weigh-in Day #19

I really put in some effort to do all the things this week, and I’m happy that it paid off.  This morning I weighed 178.7 kg (394 lbs), having lost 1.9 kg (4.2 lb) in the past week. My goal was to get under 180 kg, and I did it. I ain’t gonna lie–I’m feeling pretty good about that.

So what did I do differently this week? Not a lot, really. I went for a morning walk every weekday, but not on the weekend. I did my stretches (and this morning I bent forward, knees straight, and touched the floor for the first time since I started back). I averaged 9498 steps a day, which is more than last week, but not dramatically so. I don’t think that an 8.86% increase in the number of steps I take each day could account for a 111% increase in weight-loss.

I ate an average of 53SP, which again, is down a little from last week, but only by 4SP. To put that in perspective, that’s 2/3 of an Oreo cookie. One thing that was different is that I hit my “food tracking zone” every day of the week. Even on Saturday, when I had a couple of glasses of wine during our “TV date night” watching The Handmaid’s Tale (tres romantique, non?). Even on Sunday, when we had homemade pizzas for dinner.

I’m going to try to do that again this week, although to be honest, it’s not looking good for today because I’ve already counted up my meals, and I’m still under 30SP (partly because I didn’t have bread with breakfast, and because I’m trying a Weight Watcher’s ready made meal (Peri Peri chicken) for lunch. It seems counterproductive to eat more snacks to ensure that I eat enough points to put me in that zone.

My mood and motivation levels are both a bit higher this week, but I’m still feeling like I start the day off well and then steadily go downhill from there. But I’m making more effort to organize my time. To try to structure my routine (as I mentioned last week). It’s slow going, but hopefully, if I just keep at it, I’ll get my days sorted a bit more.

Weigh-in Day #18

I feel like I’m starting to settle in and starting to get some better habits going, and that was evident in my results. Again, not a big loss this week, but I lost 0.9 kg (2 lb) over the last week, putting my at 180.6 kg (398 lb). My goal for next week is to get under 180 kg.

I skipped my morning walk on Thursday and Friday, using the fact that my wife was sick as an excuse. That’s not cool, but it sure seems easy to convince myself that it totally makes sense for me to skip going for a walk because she doesn’t feel well and in sleeping in. But even with skipping those two morning walks, I averaged 8725 steps a day, which is a little more than last week. So hey, you know, I’ve got that going for me.

In terms of food, I did pretty well. I averaged around 56 SP, which is up a little bit compared to last week, and since my daily allowance is 58 SP, that means I was in my “food tracking zone” on Tuesday through Friday. I’ve never really paid much attention to that, but I know that some people on the program participate in challenges and try to be in the zone every day for a month. I can see the value, but it seems a bit risky.

I say that thinking that if you have a big slip-up any day of the week, you’ve got nothing to counterbalance it, and you’ve blown it. But having said that, I went over my points allowance by quite a bit on Saturday, mainly due to unexpectedly drinking a bottle of wine during a “TV date night” with my wife. And yet I still managed to lose weight over all, so maybe I’ll have to think about trying a “Blue Dot Challenge”, if only for a week rather than a whole month. Baby steps.

Mood-wise, I’m pretty low. I’m trying to focus on the achievements (and it’s handy that there are some to focus on), but while my early mornings go alright, I’m usually feeling a bit lost and unfocused by lunch-time, and throughout the afternoon and evening. I’m going to try to add more structure to my routine and see if that helps.

A Few Quick Thoughts

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, and nearly used Karen being sick as an excuse. But I didn’t. I’m a little behind schedule, but I’m getting it done.

My new earbuds arrived yesterday. I really, REALLY didn’t like walking with my big-ass headphones on, so I’m a happy man. Sometimes it’s the little things.

I don’t know how much my little stretch routine is helping improve my flexibility, but every time I do it I realize just how much I limit my range of motion in my daily life. I don’t often need to stretch my arms straight above my head as far as they’ll go. Or try to bend at the waist and touch my fingertips to the floor. So I don’t. Without thinking about it, I’ve limited my range of motion as much as possible. I need to move more.

There seemed to be more people out and about at an early hour this morning. At first I couldn’t figure out why, but I think it’s because tonight is Game 1 of the Rugby League State of Origin series. They’ve started their days extra early so they have more time to watch football tonight. Queenslanders are weird. 😉

Weigh-in Day # 17

I’ve had a pretty busy week trying to get myself back on track, and while I wasn’t as successful as I’d like, I’m not going to complain. Well, not too much. My official weight this morning was 181.5kg (400.1 lb), down 0.6kg (1.3 lb). So it’s not exactly a mind-blowing loss, but it ain’t bad. Looking back through my previous weigh-ins, my biggest weekly loss was 4.1kg (9 lb). Which seems kinda insane. And my average weekly loss was 1.9kg ( 4.2 lb).

I’m not surprised by the loss, because I tracked my food and exercised all week, and averaged 52 (out of an allowance of 58) SP, around 8700 steps, and 55 “active minutes” a day. Again looking back through old posts, the weeks with the big losses were more like 40-45 SP and 10-12k steps. So if I want to see similar results, I’ll need to up my game a little bit.

But for now, I think I’m going to try to ease in. Especially with the exercise. I know that I have a tendency to want to get more steps. I really, really want to get into shape enough to do some long walks and hikes. But I know that if I push too hard, too soon, I’ll end up hurting myself, and that’s no good for the long term. Slow and steady, right? I mean really, if I’d lost an average of .6kg every week since I quit, that would be 39.6kg (87.3 lb). I’d weight 125 kg (275 lb) right now.

That’s what I’ve got to focus on. One day. One week. One month. One year. Keep going. It all adds up if I just keep at it.

Weigh-in Day #16

I’m back! The internet tells me that it’s been 466 days since my last post. That’s a long time between updates. I’d mentioned in my last post that my wife and kids had been sick. The kids got better, but my wife wasn’t well for several months afterwards, and everything sort of fell apart for a little while.

In terms of my weight and health (physical and mental), it’s been up and down for quite a while now. I get back on track for a week or two, but that’s about as good as it gets. But through it all, I’ve managed to hold on and never give up completely.

On that last post, I reported my weight as 165.1kg, and I actually got a little lower (164.7kg) a couple of weeks later. Then I bounced around between 165 and 168 for about 4 months, then 170kg, ending 2018 at 175.kg. By February, I was up to 179.2kg, and I’ve been hovering around 180kg ever since. At my last weigh-in, yesterday, I weighed 182.1kg. That puts me back over 400 pounds (401.46 lbs, to be precise). I’ve put on 17kg, or about 37.5 lbs, since my last blog entry. Looking back through my old blog posts, it took me 12 weeks to lose that much the last time around. I’m hoping that I can do it again.

So I’ve started getting up at 5 o’clock again (I’ve kept my sleeping habits pretty good–generally asleep by 10:30-11:00pm, and up at 6:00am. I’ve got for an early morning walk (in the dark!) for the last two days, and plan to keep that up for at least 5, and maybe 6 days a week. I’ve also started doing my stretching routine again, and moved my daily meditation back to the morning (instead of “whenever”). I’m keeping active throughout the day, so yesterday I did a little over 8,000 steps, and today I’ve done over 10,000 (and the day ain’t quite over yet).  I’ve eaten pretty well the last two days, and more importantly, I’ve tracked everything, which I always find helpful. I know that if I just keep doing these things, day after day, week after week, the weight will come off.

That’s the plan.