What I Ate Today #27

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there. My bedhead and I are wondering why the hell we put so many things on our morning To Do list before coffee. That seems like some poor planning. But we’ve managed to do alright so far.


I had a hydro workout at 9am, so I went with a quick breakfast. Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon, banana on top, and a sprinkle of the Seed Mix I got at Woolies. The seeds were 1 point, everything else was zero.


Ended up at Puddle Cafe this afternoon for coffee and a crumpet. The flat white with skim milk and a shot of vanilla was 3 points, the crumpet was 3 points, the haloumi was 3 points, and the spinach and egg were zero points, so 9 points for the meal, brining my total for the day to 10 points.


The hamburger is 11 points, the chips were 6 points, for a total of 17 points for the meal, and 27 points for the day.

Song of the Day


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