What I Ate Today #25


I was always well behind schedule when it was time to cook breakfast, but I went for it anyway, and the results were not great. Not only is the egg overcooked, so are the veggies inside. Multitasking is a scam. But it wasn’t horrible, and it filled the tank. I skipped dinner last night, and I was pretty damned hungry this morning. The omelette is 2 points.

The hydro class was with a new instructor, and much more structured than the old class. Basically, there are stations set up around the pool, with different exercises at each station. In the old class, we just sort of wandered around the stations, doing each exercise for as long as we thought best, and then moving on. In the new class, the trainer has a timer and calls for us to move to the next station every minute. It feels like a more intense workout, and I think I kinda like it. But I’m glad I started with the more laid-back version.


Leftover meat loaf. Yum! And to go with it, I steamed some broccolini and some potatoes, and then made the potatoes all fancy by adding crispy prosciutto, Greek yoghurt, and chives. It was pretty damned tasty. Well, not the broccolini, but it was fine. And very good for me. So, you know, adulting. The meat loaf was 8 points, the prosciutto was 1 point, and everything else was zero points, for a total of 9 points for the meal, and 11 points so far today.

My consultation with my exercise physiologist was a little more (okay, a lot more) physical than I thought it was going to be. I thought we were going to talk about things I could do in the gym. We did. For about 5 minutes. Then we spent the next half hour actually doing them. Then finished off the session with signing me up for a membership. So yeah, it turns out that I’ve done two workouts today. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see how I feel in the morning. But for now, I feel pretty good. Tired, but…I don’t know…loose?

Coffee Time

Yes, I did All The Things today, so I rewarded myself with a hot beverage. The word on the street is that Atlas makes the best coffee in Gungahlin. I haven’t tried enough of the others to know if that’s true, but this was a pretty damned fine cup of coffee. I forgot to ask for skim milk, so I’m going to count this as 5 points. So my total for the day so far is 16 points.


Dinner was a quick pasta (4 points), pumpkin and zucchini with a chilli honey glaze (1 point), and garlic bread (5 points), for a total of 10 points for the meal, and 26 points for the day so far.

And a slice of carrot cake to finish the day. 3 points, for a total of 29 for the day.

So I feel like having that little plan for the morning worked out pretty well. I got a little bit frazzled when it didn’t work out as smoothly as I’d hoped, but I got it sorted, back on track, and felt good about getting everything done. And I could feel the difference after my hydro class, when I hadn’t really thought about what I’d do next.

But even without a plan, by the end of the day I felt like I’d gotten quite a bit done. And that felt good. So I think I’m going to keep trying to stick to that morning routine, refining as necessary, and then extending it later into the day, so that I prioritize things that are going to make me feel better when they’re done, and not nagging from the back (and sometimes the front) of my mind.

Song of the Day


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