What I Ate Today #12

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there. My bedhead and I are excited about going to our first scheduled solo hydrotherapy workout today. And yes, we know exactly what time we’re meant to be there.


I am having a day, y’all! I tried out a new breakfast after watching this wild YouTube video about Korean omelette toast. Apparently it’s Korean street food popular with commuters, so I thought I’d modify it and give it a try. I finished cooking, took some pics, got stuck into it, took some more pics, then when I went to edit them, I couldn’t find them anywhere. Not in the camera roll, not backed up to Google Photos. Just gone.

So on the way home from my hydrotherapy session, I came up with the brilliant idea of cooking it again for lunch, and getting pics for both meals. Technically, I guess that’s cheating. But it’s my blog, my rules, right? So that’s what I did. Cooked it, took some pics, and again, there’s no trace of them. Argh! So I took a couple of crappy pics with my iPad, and they’re going to have to do.

The biggest difference between mine and the proper street food version is the lack of bread. They do it as a sandwich, with the egg and all the toppings folded into a thick slice of toasted white bread. Given that they fry the bread in butter, that would’ve doubled the number of points for the thing, and I wasn’t willing to do that today. So it’s 3 eggs, mixed with ham, shallots (spring/green onions), carrot, capsicum (bell pepper), and a couple of big handfuls of chopped cabbage. All into the frypan (or, like in the video, a flat top grill) over a low heat until the eggs are pretty well sell, then flipped. Then cut into rectangles and stacked on the plate, with cheese and tomato sauce (ketchup) between slices, then cheese, sauce, and mayo on top. 1 point for the ham, 3 for the cheese (2 slices), 1 point for the sauce 2 points for the mayo. Yes, nearly half the points for this meal are for condiments!

I’m not sure this beats an omelette, but it’s at least as good as the frittata, and a lot quicker to cook. And I’m still not entirely sold on the idea of ketchup on eggs, but after the second try, I’m coming around to it. I’d love to try it with the bread, and Kewpie mayo instead of this fat-free stuff, but not today.

A Slightly-Energetic Warm Bath

That’s how I described the hydrotherapy sessions with my trainer last week. Today was the first day I’ve done a session on my own (unless you count the time the trainer didn’t show), and it was really good. Maybe I’m a tougher trainer, because it seemed a little more energetic than the other sessions. Or maybe it’s because I’m just focused on the exercise, with no chit chat or other distractions. It’s all very low-impact, low-intensity stuff, but a few times (according to Fitbit), I got my heart rate up into the mid-90s, and over 100 bpm just near the end. So that’s cool, and it’ll be interesting to see if I’m sore tomorrow.


Korean omelette again. Still 7 points. The version I made for breakfast, which will sadly never be seen again, was a little more colourful, because I didn’t have enough green cabbage, and used some red cabbage as well. I was worried that it would turn the whole thing into some sort of taro purple mess, but it was fine. I’ve eaten 14 points and walked about 6600 steps so far today. Feelin’ pretty good.

Afternoon Tea


A quick chicken and prawn pasta, because I forgot to cook brown rice in the afternoon so that it would be ready for a quick fried rice. This tasted better than it looks, but it could’ve been so much better. Everything was cooking along nicely, the veggies were looking really bright and colourful and perfect, the pasta was great, I tossed in the prawns and then went to the fruit bowl to grab a lemon–and the lemon was gone! So I went to the fridge to grab the lemon juice, and it was gone, too! So I ran out to the garage (there are shelves that we use as our extended pantry) to see if there was another bottle out there, grabbed it, and hurried back to the kitchen to find my veggies looking all wilted and sad looking. So that’s a bummer, but it tasted okay. But I think it could’ve been pretty awesome if I had checked to make sure I had all my ingredients ready to go before I started cooking. A lesson I hope I finally learn some day. The meal was 9 points, bringing my total so far to 23 points.

Yes, that is a double serve of Tilly’s Chocolate Brownie ice cream because I’ve done well for the day and because I’m getting a colonoscopy on Friday morning, so I won’t be eating anything for the next three days. 4 points for the ice cream and I finish the day with 27 points. I did a good walk after my WW meeting, getting 3300 steps in 32 minutes, and a total of 13,100 steps for the day. I don’t know how to count the hydrotherapy exercise I did, so I’m not going to worry about it for now. It’s just a bonus, I guess. I also drank 2 bottles of water, but I realised tonight that this is my second day in a row without eating fresh fruit. The closest I got were the little sprinkle of frozen berries on my pancakes, and that just ain’t good enough. It’s amazing how easy it is to let things slip if you’re not paying attention.

Song of the Day

Today is the 15th anniversary of the (alt-country/Southern rock band) Drive-By Truckers’ performance at Plan 9 Records to benefit the Harvey Foundation. It was, by all accounts, a helluva show, and is now being released as an album for the first time ever. I’d never heard of the Drive-By Truckers back then, but I got turned on to them about 5 years ago, and I think they’re great. This song is a little heavier than the stuff I usually share here, but most of the music I listen to throughout the day is generally slower and less upbeat than the Songs of the Day on the blog. What can I say? I like the heavy (themed) stuff. I kinda have to make an effort to listen to fun songs. I literally have a playlist called Songs That Make Me Happy, lol. Between that and the walking playlists, I can get my daily dose of “fun music”.

I like the Truckers’ sound, I think Patterson Hood is a great songwriter, and I think Jason Isbell (no longer with the Truckers) is one of the best songwriters of his generation. Their concept album, Southern Rock Opera, is a great record, and I think it captures a lot of complexity of the American South in general, and of being a Southern white guy of a certain age in particular. Anyway, take care of yourselves, all you beautiful Internet people out there. Here’s “Ronnie and Neil” to help get you through the day.


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