What I Ate Today #11

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there. My bedhead and I want to wish a very happy birthday to Henry David Thoreau and everybody else born on this day. Except Bill Cosby. Fuck that guy.


I started the morning with these 2-Ingredient Pancakes. The two ingredients are bananas and eggs, and they tasted great, but I don’t know if I’ll make them again. I like fluffier pancakes, and these just don’t have enough substance to be fluffy. They’re hard to cook, because it’s such a light mixture, it just barely holds together. And they take longer than a regular pancake, because they brown really easily, so I had to cook them on a lower temperature to give them time to (mostly) set before I tried to flip them. Mistakes were made. Lessons were learned. When I finally got them all cooked, I topped them with some sugar-free maple syrup, fat free Greek yoghurt (sweetened with a few drops of artificial sweetener), and thawed frozen mixed berries. Again, it tasted great, but the next time I try a sweet breakfast, I think I’ll try a different recipe and see if I can get a pancake that holds together a little better. I guess the real selling point of these pancakes is that they’re 0 points. I didn’t think about that when I decided to cook them this morning. The toppings were all 0 points, too, so it was a 0 point breakfast.

See the carrot sticks? It’s a healthy snack. Really! And I bought these little snack balls because one of the boys raves about them, and I was planning to have them with lunch, but decided to give them a little test run. They’re Harvest Snaps Sriracha & Yuzu flavoured chickpea balls, and I can see why the boy likes them. The yuzu (I had to google it–a Chinese citrus) is tangy, and there’s just a little spiciness from the sriracha. Zero points for the carrots, 3 points for the balls. Today’s total is 3 points so far.

See, there really wasn’t much substance to those banana pancakes, so I had to supplement with more banana. I really like this stuff. The only thing that keeps me from shoving half a loaf into my face is that I don’t have enough ripe bananas to make more. Zero points, so still just 3 points for the day at this point.

I made a chicken and salad wrap, with ham, roast chicken, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, cheese, red cabbage, green cabbage, and capsicum. All dressed on aioli and a little dijon mustard, then wrapped up in a piece of Mountain Bread rye. I’ve made similar wraps before, and doing it again reminded me why I don’t really like the Mountain Bread wraps. They just don’t hold very much. I end up needing 2 of them, and that kinda defeats the point of buying them because they’re lower in points. Their only 2 points, compared to 5 for the Mission Lite wrap, but I think next time I’m going to try the Mission one.

The aioli was 2 points, the 2 slices of cheese was 2 points, so the whole wrap was 7 points, the balls were 3 points, for a 10 point meal. My daily total is now 13 points. This is only about half the salad, but instead of making another wrap, I just ate it by itself. I remembered half-way through that I really liked it when I chopped up some apple in it. If I get some wraps that’ll hold it all, I’ll try to remember that for next time.

Afternoon Slump

I was feeling pretty unmotivated by mid-afternoon, and was wondering if I was going to keep my arse flopped on the lounge and miss my daily walk. When my wife mentioned that she was going to Westfield, I took the opportunity to tag along. While she was returning a bunch of clothes she’d bought online, I walked around the mall, getting 4800 steps in 43 mintues.


It was another Meal Loaf Monday, and because I went to the mall with my wife so that I could get in a walk while she did a little shopping, we were late getting home and I had to throw this together as quickly as I could. Kept it just about as simple as possible with the mashed potatoes, instant gravy, and steamed green beans with garlic. 8 points for the meat loaf, 2 for the potatoes, 1 for the gravy, and 0 for the beans. That’s 11 for the meal, and 24 points for the day. I walked a total of 11,758 steps, racking up 38 FitPoints for the day, and I drank 2 bottles (1.5 litres) of water. Even though I had that afternoon slump when I felt totally unmotivated, I ended up doing alright. Time for a little reading and then I’m going to crash.

Song of the Day

I created a walking playlist at some point in the Before Times, and then forgot all about it until I rediscovered it today. I had no idea what was on it, but was so pumped when I heard this song start, I nearly lost control of myself. Only a last-minute thought of my future poltical ambitions đŸ˜‰ stopped me from some Really Bad Middle-Aged White Dude Dancingâ„¢ right there in the middle of the mall. I’ll admit that there were many times in my life when I didn’t understand and couldn’t really handle the beautiful weirdness that was Prince, but the man’s music was absolutely brilliant.


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