Weigh-In #32

I went to my WW meeting last night (just for weigh-in because I don’t wanna sit in a little room with a bunch of other people until this latest COVID outbreak is under control), and my weight this week is 179.7 kg (396.1 lb). That’s 2.2 kg (4.8 lb) less than last week, and gets me under 180 kg and under 400 pounds, two milstones that I’m very fucking happy about. I’d absolutely love it if I never weighed that much again for the rest of my life.

The Other Numbers

I walked 79,930 steps this week (so close to 80k!), averaging 11,418 steps a day. So that’s slightly higher than my 5-day average from last week. But my daily WW FitPoint average was 35 this week, down 1 FitPoint compared to last week. I think that means that I’m getting more incidental steps, but not as many (on average) during my walks. My FitPoint total for the week was 245, so I accepted the WW app’s suggestion that I change my weekly goal from 95 to 229 FitPoints. Given that I’ve been told to rest up and take it easy for a couple of days after the colonoscopy, I’ve got a feeling I’m not going to hit that goal this week. And while I’m talking about my activity this week, it turns out that I’m a little sore after my hydrotherapy workout yesterday, so maybe I’ll need to figure out how to record that as legit exercise. I’m mostly feeling it in my knees and in my right tricep (but not the left, which seems weird).

I slept an average of 6 hours and 3 minutes, down from 6 hr 40 min last week. Mostly that was because I woke up stupid early on Saturday, and even earlier on Sunday morning, after only a little over 4 hours sleep. But I’m glad that I’m waking up not-entirely-miserable most morning, and am more-or-less functioning after (and sometimes even before) my coffee.

Looking at my food this past week, WW says that I’ve had a daily average of 24 points, which is just 1 more than my 5-day average last week. I had a couple of really low-point days, so the range has been 13-30, comapred to last week’s 19-28 points. But the thing that surprises me is that I worked out all the meals for kilojoules and calories, and I was way up this week. A daily average of 9300 kJ, or 2223 calories. Last week I was averaging around 6500 kJ and 1550 calories. I’m going to have to watch out, because some of those oh-so-clever substitutions and workarouns to keep the WW points down mean I’m eating some 800-1000 calories meals. I said the same thing last week, and I tried to cut down the amount of pasta I cooked, but that crunchy Asian salad was nearly 1000 calories all by itself. I mean, if I can lose over 2 kilos in a week eating 2200 calories a day, that’s great. But if I was happy eating 1600 calories a day last week, why not try to stick closer to that, right? In any case, I guess the bottom line is that, as much as it sucks to have to enter in all these foods to get the numbers, it’s helpful in the end.

Overall, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this week. I’ve (mostly) enjoyed the cooking, and even though I felt my arse dragging a few days this week, I got out and got my walking done. My wife says that I’m moving more, and better, and that I’m generally more enjoyable to be around. So I’ve got that going for me. And with at least 2.5 days of fasting, I’m expecting to have another big (2 kg+) loss next week. I’m going to try to keep my mind focused more on that possibility, and less on the upcoming probing of my various orifices. Very exciting stuff, this adulting.

Alright all you beautiful Internet people out there, I’m out. I’ve gotta lot of water to drink and food to not eat, so I can’t sit around blogging all day. Take care of yourselves, and be good.


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