What I Ate Today #1

I see a lot of people posting videos on YouTube showing what they eat. Some do it occasionally, and some do it as a sort of daily video diary. I really like the idea of sharing a daily record, but since the last time I shot videos, it involved a VHS camcorder, I thought I might start with just taking pics, and maybe working my way up to video.

First Things First

So today started with a cup of coffee. Nothing fancy. Instant coffee, artificial sweetener, a few drops of vanilla essence, and hot water. I quit adding milk about a year ago. Sometimes I miss it (and on the rare occasional that I get a coffee at a cafe, I usually order a flat white or a latte), but mostly, I’m good with it black these days.

First coffee of the day

I never drank instant coffee before moving to Australia, but over the years, I’ve gotten used to it. I haven’t had a coffee maker in years. I’ve got a little French press pot that I use for making coffee for espresso martinis, but I rarely make a pot just to drink. I keep telling myself I should. Sometimes I think about buying one of those coffee capsule machines. But it’s still on the “Maybe Some Day” list.


Breakfast was an awesome pile of steamed/sautéed vegetables on toast, with a fried egg on top. Sooooo good. A little ham gave it a nice smoky saltiness, the mix of veggies (onion, red capsicum, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrot, pumpkin, and zucchini added enough subtle flavours that every bite was a little different, and then the rich, creamy, gooey yolk of the egg was delicious. I add a slice of cheese on top of the toast, but to be honest, I’m not sure it adds that much. I might try it without to compare. Hell, I might even try it without the toast, because then it would be a one-point brekky.

But either way, it’s still a great first meal of the day. Plenty of veggies means it’s a substantial meal, and it’s really not all that much trouble to make. It helps that my wife cuts up all the veggies for me on the weekend, so all I do is chop them into smaller bits, then toss them into the steamer for a few minutes, then into a fry pan to brown them up a little.

Lots of veggies for brekky

The photo doesn’t adequately capture the enormity of that mountain of vegetables. It’s a lot. Like, at least 2 cups. Maybe more. And that’s 2 points for the slice of bread, 1 point for the cheese, and 1 point for the spray oil, for a total of 4 points. The black coffee is 0 points, so my total for the day so far is 4 points. Out of a daily allowance of 41 (which is really a lot, and I’m honestly not sure I would lose weight if I ate all those points every day).

Mid-Morning Stroll

Maybe I need to re-think the title of this post (which I want to become a regular series), because I don’t want to only talk about what I eat. The food is important, but it’s just a part of what I’m trying to do. I’ve been going to the hydrotherapy pool regularly for over a month now, and it’s good. But I’m also supposed to be going for a short walk every day, and that hasn’t been happening. Partly because I’m using the cold, wet weather as an excuse, but also just because I haven’t gotten up off my arse and done on the regular so that it becomes part of my routine. I know once I get going, it’ll be cool. So today, I got going. The cold, wet weather doesn’t really matter much if I go for an indoor walk.

Not a big walk, and not a strenuous walk, but I put one foot in front of the other about 2500 times in a half an hour. That, according to my Fitbit, is my breathing-heavy-but-not-dying, fat-burning sweet spot. But more importantly, it made me feel…dare I say it…happy. It was nice to be out of the house. To see people (all masked up and social distancing, of course). To be moving.

So here’s the plan. Unless it’s sunny and I decide to go for a walk outside, I’m driving into town and walking around the shopping centres for a half an hour. Every day. At 10am, unless I need to move it around because I’m otherwise occupied. I can do that for the next 13 days. Then I’ve got a colonoscopy on Friday the 16th, which is going to screw things up for a few days. But unless something weird happens, I should be good to get back to walking by Monday the 19th. So, if I can get it together and walk from now until the 14th, then from the 19th to the 25th, then I’m going to reward myself.

And they say that you shouldn’t reward yourself with food, but that’s kinda what I’m going to do. I’m going to treat myself to a meal at a local cafe, which isn’t entirely about the food (although I’m going to get something tasty), because I also want it to be an opportunity to just hang out, read a book, and maybe even bring my laptop and do some writing, and drink a coffee or three. I haven’t done that in years.


I got home from my little walk around the shopping centre right at lunch-time, and I wasn’t a bit hungry. So I ended up having a late lunch, which is probably going to screw around with dinner, but I’ll figure it out. I cooked one of the lemon and herb chicken steaks I bought at Coles for dinner last night. Along with some brown rice and another big load of steamed/sautéed veggies, it was tasty and filling. Washed it down with a Coke No Sugar.

Chicken, brown rice, steamed veggies, and a swirl of sriracha

The lemony sauce on the chicken cost me 2 points, the sriracha was 1 point, and the rice, veggies, and Coke were all 0 points, so the whole meal was 3 points, bringing my total for the day up to 7 points.


One of the reasons I ate healthy, low-point meals for breakfast and lunch was because I planned to have a cheeseburger and oven fries for dinner. Friday night is burger night! But I forgot to defrost the mince I use (a mixture of chicken breast and extra lean pork), so I had a quick change of plans.

I roasted some veggies (broccoli, pumpkin, carrot, cherry tomato, and zucchini), boiled up some wholemeal pasta, pan-fried some onion and capsicum, tossed in a handful of prawns, the veggies from the oven, a little avocado, some baby spinach, and some garlic butter. All up it was 8 points, and it was fantastic.

Garlic prawn and veggie pasta

So that brings my daily total up to 15 points for the day. Given the amount of food I’ve eaten, that’s kind of insane. What’s more insane is that on the days when I don’t try to eat healthy, I probably often eat less in volume, but a lot more points/calories. And even if the regular means wouldn’t do me in, I’m snacking all through the day, in part because the meals themselves weren’t that great, and didn’t really satisfy me. Like, not just in terms of being full, but in terms of enjoyment. And feeling like I’ve just eaten a treat. All of these meals today made me feel like that. And so I didn’t really crave more treats between meals.


If I don’t fall asleep first, I’m going to have a final treat for the day. A serving of Halo Top ice cream, for 4 points. That’ll mean I finish the day on 19 points.

Halo Top Brownie Batter ice cream

Not a bad way to end the day. A serving of ice cream while watching a weird, enjoyable Norwegian sci-fi cop show called Beforeigners. And now I’m going to go read (currently enjoying Autonomous by Analee Newitz) for a little while and then get myself to sleep.


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