Weigh-In #30

The numbering in the title seems off, but I posted the numbers from two weigh-ins in my last post, so I’m counting those. And I went to a meeting this week and weighed in again, and I’m writing that up here, so that’s where I’m at. 182.5 kg (402.3 lb), which means I haven’t lost any weight in the last couple of weeks. Which isn’t surprising, because I haven’t been tracking, and I haven’t been careful about what I’m eating. Not enough veggies. Too many snacks.

I usually start the day off well, but start to go off the rails around lunch time, then it’s anything goes for dinner (usually whatever is on the path of least resistance), and then I’m raiding the pantry looking for late-night snacks if I don’t get my arse in bed.

Yesterday is a perfect example of that pattern. Started out with a good, healthy omelette for breakfast. Onion, capsicum, mushrooms, spinach, ham, and cheese. It was delicious. And healthy. And awesome. Then for morning tea, I had a piece of home made banana bread. Very nice. Zero points. A good choice.

But then I hadn’t really come up with a plan for lunch, and ended up eating a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches. Lots of bread, lots of meat, no salad. And two of them. With some rice crackers on the side. Then another piece of the banana bread. And then some biscuits (Biscoff Lotus biscuits. Soooooo good!). And then some more banana bread. I was really starting to lose control.

Going to my hydrotherapy session killed the possibility of a mid-afternoon eating frenzy, and on the way home, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some chicken breasts, thinking that I’d cook them with some rice and veggies, and that would be a good, healthy dinner. But the work in the pool tired me out more than I thought, and when it was time to cook dinner, I was feeling pretty lazy. When my wife suggested getting Indian food delivered, my problem was solved.

The goat curry was delicious, but oily and had no veggies. I had a little onion salad with it (a red onion sliced into rings, a couple of lemon wedges, and a few green chillis), and the meal was tasty, but I have no idea how many points. But still, if I’d left it at that, and if I’d planned for it, I think I would’ve been fine. But I was not fine. Because I also ended up eating an entire packet of Choc Ripple biscuits. I ate he whole thing! And then, because my youngest son doesn’t like Indian food and had gotten McDonalds instead, it turned out that he’d left a chocolate sundae in the freezer. So I finished the day by eating that, too. Yeah. For real.

Okay, maybe that’s actually a pretty extreme example, but that’s been the pattern. Not every day, but too many days. To try to stop it, I’ve planned out all my meals today. Including snacks. It’s early (9:30am), but so far, so good. It may be too late to help with my next weigh-in (in 4 days), but if I can keep it up, it’ll help with the next one.


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