What I Ate Today #19

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there. My bedhead and I hope you have a great day. We’ve got a busy one ahead of us, and we hope we get at least, you know, half of it done. Preferably the big half.


I decided to go with an omelette this morning, but a lighter version. This one has mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and feta. Turned out pretty tasty, although if I do it again, I might skip the tomato. Two points for the reduced-fat feta and 1 point for the spray oil for a total of 3 points.

This is why I bought the feta. Wholemeal pasta, spinach, mushrooms, onion, sundried tomatoes (not in oil), prosciutto, a little bit of passata (tomato puree) black olives, and feta. It was really nice, although a little salty, so I might have to think about that particular combination of ingredients. Maybe prosciutto, feta, olives, and sundried tomatoes is all a little much. Hella tasty, though! Two points for the feta, 1 point for the prosciutto, 1 point for the sundried tomatoes, and 1 point for the spray oil is 5 points in total, and my total for the day so far is 8 points.

And for dinner, I had a small (120g) rump steak with onions and mushrooms, brown rice with steamed veggies, and a slice of garlic bread. The steak was 3 points, the rice and veggies were 0 points, and the garlic bread was 5 points. Totally worth it. 8 points for the meal, and 16 points for the day.

No fruit today, and barely 1 bottle (750 ml) of water. It’s not like I’m dehydrating myself or anything, because I think I had 3 coffees and 2 (no sugar) sodas. But still, I’m going to try harder tomorrow.

Mentally and physically, I felt pretty good today. I was pretty busy, mostly with a few handyman chores around the house, which (as usual) took multiple trips to Bunnings (Australia’s big box hardware store). Tell ya what, you can get some serious steps in wandering around that place. I was using the app that told me where to find things, and I still ended up walking nearly a kilometre just inside Bunnings. To buy 3 things. And then I walked another 0.7 km when I went back to exchange the thing I didn’t need for the thing I actually did need. 1.7 km (1 mile) of walking in the hardware store. And I didn’t even go down to the garden section.

Anyway, the main thing is that I’m feeling pretty good and getting stuff done. I never know which causes the other, or if it’s all going both ways, but it’s a good feeling.

Song of the Day

I was bummed to see that Dusty Hill, the bass player of the legendary little ol’ band from Texas, ZZ Top, died yesterday. No furry guitars in this video, but some great music.


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