A Quick Update

G’day, all you beautiful Internet people out there. Just a quick note to let you know that I’m still here. Again. I’ve been meaning to post this for over a week now, but for whatever reasons, kept avoiding getting it done.

Things have been a little rough the last couople of weeks. I started going off track a couple of weekends ago. Then I had a couple of days feeling really lethargic after my second COVID vaccination (still totally worth it!). And just as I started feeling better, we had our first COVID infections since we moved back here, and the city went into lockdown. Late last week there were a couple of confirmed cases at our son’s school, and our family is now in home quarantine. So it’s been…a lot.

The good news is that our son (doing it hard being confined to his room, messaging us with his food, drink, and entertainment requests) got his first negative COVID test result. If he gets another one next week, we should be out of quarantine.

None of that is really a good reason for getting off track for so long. I’m not completely off the rails. This morning I had a chive and cheese omelette, and some chicken fried rice for lunch. I didn’t track any of it, but it was all fine. Then we ended up ordering burgers and fries for dinner, and now I’m sitting here drinking my second glass of wine. I haven’t had any alcohol for months, but I’m going to have some this weekend, and then get my shit together and get back on the program on Monday.

I’m going to post this before my brain gets side-tracked or otherwise talks me out of it. Take care of yourselves, and be good.

And if you can, please get vaccinated!


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