What I Ate Today #23

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there. My bedhead and I are excited because it’s a new month (August already!) and because we’ve got a busy week.


I skipped breakfast this morning, because I wasn’t hungry, but by the time I got done with my hydro workout and did a little running around town, I’d worked up a bit of an apetite. So when I got home, I wasn’t something quick and tasty. A sandwich seemed like the easiest way to go.

Two pieces of white bread (6 points), with my homemade aioli –1 tsp light mayo (0 points), 1 Tbsp Greek yoghurt (0 points), 1/2 tsp minced garlic)–American and dijon mustard (0 points), roast chicken (0 points), double smoked ham (1 point), sauteed mushrooms and onion (1 point for the spray oil), a slice of Bega cheese (1 point), baby spinach leaves, tomato, and pickled jalapenos (all 0 points), for a total of 10 points. After I built it, I tossed it onto the sandwich press for a few minutes to toast it up nicely. I must confess, readers, that I had completely forgotten that we had a sandwich press because it lives on a shelf in the garage. It’s a very handy thing to have around. I’m going to try to remember that we do.

A Little Snack

I haven’t been snacking much lately, but when the urge hit about 2:30 this afternoon, I went with a cup of the Cob’s Cheddar popcorn. This stuff is pretty tasty, and it’s 1 point for a cup, so that’s not bad. Does this count as a vegetable?


Yep, Meat Loaf Monday again. 8 points for the meat loaf, 3 points for the mashed potatoes, and 0 points for the steamed green beans. This was a very tasty meal, but the boys and I agreed that we’re getting a little tired of it, so next week, meat loaf is off the menu. Since shopping day is on Thursday, that means I’ve got the better part of three days to come up with a new meal plan for next week. I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut.

And I finished the day off with a piece of carrot cake, for 3 points. So that’s 25 points for the day. I know this post is even more boring than usual, and I really do want to make these about more than just pics of my food and point totals. But, unfortunately, this is all I’m able to get out right now. Take care of yourselves, all you beautiful Internet people out there. And be good.


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