What I Ate Today #21

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there! My bedhead and I had a great night’s sleep, slept in until 7:30, and then stayed in bed reading for another hour! According to Fitbit, I got 47 minutes of deep sleep, nearly 5 hours of light sleep, and a little over 2 hours of REM sleep. Nearly 8 hours of actual sleep! And a Sleep Score of 87 (Good). Honestly, a decent night’s sleep makes such a difference.


A litle bit inspired by my café lunch, I did my ham and veggie stack with poached eggs instead of fried. The big revelation for me, though, was when I discovered that we were out of aioli, so I mixed a little light mayo, Greek yoghurt, and minced garlic (from the jar), and it was phenomenal. Sooooooo garlicky. Amost, dare I say it, too garlicky. So it’s a piece of toasted white bread (2 points), my DIY aioli (1 point), 100g of thinly sliced double smoked ham (2 points), sauteéd onions, capsicum, and mushrooms (0 points for the veggies, 1 point for the spray oil), sliced tomato (0 points), wilted spinach (0 points), and a poached egg (0 points). With another poached egg on the side, because it wouldn’t fit on top of the stack.

I’ve poached eggs at home a few times, and never been too impressed with the results. This time I tried a different method (recommended by Australian Eggs). In a frypan of water heated to boiling, then heat turned off, eggs added, covered for 6 minutes. This worked pretty well, but when my timer went off after the 6 minutes, I started building my stack, and adding the eggs at the end. This meant that the eggs sat in the hot water for a little too long, and the yolks were soft, but not runny. If I do it again, I’ll set the timer for 5 minutes. Is poaching worth it, compared to frying (in no oil)? Maybe. On one hand, the texture is amazing. On the other, there’s another saucepan or frypan that needs cleaning. If I get the yolks perfectly runny next time, I might be convinced that poaching is the way to go. This was a delicious breakfast. I want to do it again already, with better bread, a little less garlic in the aioli, and runnier egg yolks. I looooove that liquid gold.


I bought a two-pack of steaks, so I ate the other one today rather than freezing it down. 3 points for the steak, zero points for the steamed carrots and broccoli, 1 point for the oil used to sautee the onions and mushrooms, and 4 points for the smashed potatoes (0 points for the potato, 0 points for Greek yoghurt, 2 points for butter, 2 poitns for cheese, 0 points for minced garlic, 0 points for chives). 8 points for the meal, and 14 points for the day so far. The steak was good, the veggies were fine, and the smashed potato was really tasty. Not as smooth and creamy as mashed potatoes, but deliciously-flavoured with the garlic, yoghurt, chives, and cheese. I’d like to do it again with roasted garlic.


I’m taking pics of these wraps before I roll them up to show what’s inside, and also because I’ve got a feeling that because I’m using Mountain Bread, and I’ve put waaaaay too much filling, they’re not going to hold up very well when I roll them up.

Zero points for the chicken, 4 points for the wraps, 0 points for the salad, 2 points for the guacamole, 3 points for the cheese, 1 point for the spray oil, and 0 points for the Greek yoghurt and the hot sauce. So that’s a total of 10 points for the meal, and 24 points for the day.

I finished the day off with a slice of carrot cake. This is my first attempt at making it, but I can’t seem to keep bananas in the house long enough for them to get ripe enough to make the banana bread. I like carrot cake, but this wasn’t great. Not bad, but at 3 points (compared to 0 points for the banana bread), I’m not convinced that it’s worth it. Still, it was nice to have a little sweat treat. So I finish the day on 27 points.

It’s been another good day, and I’m feeling pretty happy about the things I’m getting done. I’ve been meaning to try that carrot cake recipe for months. Still, it always seems like there’s more to do than I can manage to squeeze into a day.

After dinner, my wife and I had a movie night date. We watched Greenland, with Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin. I’m not sure a disaster movie was the best choice, but it was watchable (6.5 out of 10) and we had a nice time just hanging out together for a while. It’s been a bit of a week.

Good night, all you beautiful Internet people. Take care of yourselves, and be good.

Song of the Day

To continue the theme of the move, here’s a little REM.


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