What I Ate Today #15

Hey, good morning beautiful Internet people. My bedhead and I think it’s a good day to be alive. I’m doing fine after my minor medical procedure yesterday, and hopefully my life will get back to normal today. The downside of it all was that, apparently, even a minor procedure is more complicated and riskier when you’re very fat. Mostly because of issues with administering the right amount of anaesthetic (not enough and you feel what they’re doing to you, too much and they kill you), but also annoying-but-not-life-threatening things like hospital gowns not fitting, beds and chairs being too small, etc.

Baby Steps

I took it very easy yesterday, but I’m trying to ease back in to a little walking. My original plan was to do a 5-minute walk around the block. Then keep going if I felt okay. But it was cold and raining (and at one point snowing) today, so…nah. I ended up making two separate trips to the shops (because I’m a nice guy), and walked a total of 3,127 steps in 39 minutes. Technically speaking, that’s exercise. Google gave me 4 HeartPoints for it, and Fitbit says I spent 16 minutes in my “Active Zone”. So that’ll do. The plan now is to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Afternoon Tea

I didn’t eat anything for breakfast or lunch. I wasn’t hungry. At all. I probably wouldn’t have eaten anything until dinner, but my wife baked a most delicious-looking lemon cake (I entered it into the recipe builder, and it was 30 points a slice, so I….politely declined). But just smelling it set my stomach to rumbling, so I went for a piece of Banana loaf, instead. Zero points.


Mexican Night, and I marinated some chicken in citrus and various herbs and spices, then cooked it in a wok with onion, capsicum, carrot, and broccolini. Put it on some brown rice, then topped it with cheese, salsa, a little guacamole and Greek yoghurt. A half serve of corn chips means the whole meal was 8 points. A HUGE difference compared to a similar meal a couple of weeks ago, with that one coming in at 18 points.

Then I made myself a little dessert:

Another slice of the banana loaf (0 points) heated up in the microwave, then a scoop of Tilly’s Silky Salted Caramel ice cream (26 g, 1 point) and a little Natvia Sugar Free Chocolate Topping (0 points) for 1 point, brining my total for the day up to 9 points.

I think I’ve done okay today. I got a little walking done, and I ate some good food. I walked a little over 9000 steps, was active for 10 out of the 12 hours between 7am and 7pm, and I drank at least 2 and maybe 3 bottles of water. No fresh fruit, though. I’m not going to sweat it too much. It was a good day.

Song of the Day

I ended up listening to a couple of U2 albums at various points in the day, but when I decided that New Year’s Day would be the SotD, I guess I probably haven’t watched this video in over 20 years. Holy shit, I’ve got kids older than the boys were when they made that album! Bono would’be been all of 20. But still, if I close my eyes and just listen, I don’t feel old at all. And if any of you beautiful Internet people remember watching this video on MTV (or whatever you had access to back in the day), I’ll bet you don’t feel old, either.


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