What I Ate Today #9

My bedhead and I are ready to do whatever it takes to watch Black Widow tonight. We’ve been waiting for over a year after its original release date. It’s time.


I’d planned to give the frittata another try this morning, but since I’d ended up having the leftover one yesterday, I decided to go with veggies and egg on toast. I swapped the cheese slice for a little aioli. Good choice. And since I was using up the last of the pre-prepped veggies, it ended up being mostly onion, mushroom, spinach, and zucchini, with a little carrot, capsicum, and pumpkin mixed in. I added a few drops of Tabasco, and it gave them a tiny hint of zing. Next time, a few more drops. And maybe 2 eggs instead of one, to get that egg juice-to-veggie ratio just right. The bread was 3 points, the aioli and the ham were 1 each, for a total of 5 points.


I made Tuna cakes and a crunchy Asian salad, and it was very nice. Next time I’ll add more garlic, lime, chilli etc to try to give it a little more intensity. The 3 fish (and potato) cakes were 1 point, the oil in the dressing was 1 point, all the salad veggies were 0 points, and the crunchy noodles were 5 points, for a total of 7 points for the meal, and 12 points for the day. Yes, leaving out the crunchy noodles would’ve made this a 2-point lunch, but no kidding, it was the noodles that made it all work.

I probably should’ve waited another couple of days for the bananas, but I’ve been wanting some banana bread all week, so I caved and made some today. Yes, I’m eating 2 pieces. They’re the smaller arse-end bits, and I was going to just eat one, but the other one wouldn’t fit in the container. So I did what I had to do. I regret nothing! Does this count as 2 servings of fruit? Probably not. I’ll try again tomorrow. 2 x 0 points is 0 for the snack, and still on 12 points for the day.


Mexican Night again, and this time by using low-fat Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream, and cutting down on the corn chips, the meal was 12 points instead of 18 like last week. I could’ve gotten it down to 10 points if I’d used regular chicken breasts, but all the chicken is frozen, and the lemon & herb chicken breast steaks (2 points) thaw much faster. Delicious!

Yes, there were movie snacks! I love this Cob’s Cheddar Cheese popcorn, and I dumped about a half a bag (4 cups) into a bowl and thoroughly enjoyed it while watching the movie. It was 4 points, so I finished the day on 28 points, with 13 points left over. I also did 11,400 steps and drank 2 bottles of water, so while not my best day in terms of either eating or exercising, I think this is exactly how I’m going to have to do things if I want to build healthier habits for the longer term.

Song of the Day

We had a great night together in the lounge room watching Black Widow. The movie sountrack was pretty sparse, but one of the most prominent songs was a Malia J cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The slow version really worked for the movie, but didn’t strike me as SotD material. And while Nirvana is often considered the quintessential Gen X band, they never really did it for me. Maybe because I’m on the older end of Gen X (the oldest Gen Xers were born in ’65; I was born in ’68). So while hearing a Nirvana song definitely takes me back to the early 90s (there music was everywhere), I don’t think I ever owned a Nirvana album back in the day. But as so often happens, hearing that song started a chain of thoughts and memories, which went something like this–Malia J’s cover–>Nirvana’s original–>Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”–>Killing Joke’s “Eighties”. That’s a song that would’ve probably been nothing more than a few seconds of party music in Weird Science (with Robert Downey Jr in one of his first movie roles!) if Kobain hadn’t, um, “borrowed” that riff. This song has such an intense early 80s, post-punk British vibe (not that I was aware of it at the time).


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