What I Ate Today #7

My bedhead and I are ready to get this party started.

I don’t know what’s made the difference–I got about the same amount of sleep, same Fitbit sleep score, same amount of time in each stage of sleep. But I felt more alert this morning. I don’t think the word “perky” would be appropriate, but I definitely felt more awake and ready to get started, and that feeling started within minutes of waking up.


Dear readers, though sheer determination and finely-honed time-management skills, I shaved that 10-minute prep time down to just 23 minutes. From go to whoa, it took me 43 minutes and 47 seconds to prepare breakfast. Yes, I timed myself. What’s that old saying? “You can’t impove what you don’t measure.” I’m not sure that 10 minutes is realistic, given that I already had the dough made and ready to go, but I’m pretty sure I can do better than 23 minutes. Yet another work in progress.

I added a slice of reduced-fat cheese, and it helped everything stick together a little, gave it a bit of a gooey mouthfeel, but didn’t really add anything in terms of taste. The half slice of ham, on the other hand, definitely added a nice, slightly-salty smokiness to it. Even though it’s a bit of a hassle to make (and a BIG hassle to clean up the HUGE mess I make in the kitchen), I’m really getting into these things. There wasn’t enough ham to add a point, but the cheese brought the thing up to 5 points.

Morning Tea

That’s right, MOAR FROOT! When I popped into Coles a couple of days ago, they had these in a big display just inside the door. So I grabbed a couple, and finally got around to eating one today. I’m really going to try hard to incorporate fruit into my daily diet, because I thoroughly enjoy it when I eat it. Although to be totally honest, this Imperial mandarin was okay, but not great. It smelled sooooo good when I was peeling it, and I guess I expected the taste to be as intense as the aroma. I thought it would be sweeter, and more…orangey. I’ve definitely eaten better mandarins. I know there are a lot of different varieties, so I’ll keep trying until I find the good ones.


I took our youngest son to get a his back-to-school haircut, and somehow what I thought might take an hour (from the time I told him to get ready to go) ended up taking 3.5 hours. I did get a short walk in while we were waiting, and another one to grab a few groceries, so it wasn’t a total waste of time. But I didn’t get to start making lunch until 2:30. I had another of those Woolworths chicken breast steaks, this one flavoured with tomato, garlic, chilli, and rosemary. So I tossed it in with the usual veggie mix and some wholemeal pasta, and it was fine. A little dull, but I’ve got some ideas about how to improve that next time. The best part was that I’d cooked, eaten, and cleaned up in 30 minutes. Less time that it took me just to cook breakfast. The whole thing was 3 points, so my total for the day is 8 points.


Normally, I’ve got kids running around everywhere on Thursday nights, so I throw together a stew in the slow cooker, and everybody grabs a bit when they get back from wherever. But between school holidays, the depths of winter, and COVID, nobody had anywhere to be, and I tried a different chicken stew that cooks on the stovetop. It’s a Weight Watchers recipe, Chicken Casserole with Tarragon Dumplings, and it got the thumbs up from all the boys, even after I told them that it was healthy. With dijon mustard, chicken, and tarragon, I thought it was kinda funny that it had similar flavours to the breakfast calzone. And it’s 5 points, so my daily total is now 13.

I probably should’ve just gone to bed, but it’s taken me longer than usual to put in the grocery order tonight, and I kept thinking I’d have a little bit of ice cream. In the end, I couldn’t be bothered, and went for the apple with peanut butter sauce. I made the sauce a little too thin, but it still tasted delicious. I can’t get over how much I enjoy this. I used 2 tablespoons of PB2, so it’s 2 points, and I finish the day on a ridiculous 15 points.

All in all, I’m happy with what I got done today. It’ll be 12,000 steps by the time I get to bed, and I ate really well, and drank THREE bottles of water. Now I’m off to bed because I’ve got an 8am hydrotherapy session, so I can’t screw around tomorrow morning. Good night, y’all. Be good.

Song of the Day

I really did have that song, “Let’s Get the Party Started”, in my head this morning, but while I like a lot of P!nk’s songs, that isn’t really one of them. I thought “God is a DJ” was a better choice for SotD, so here ya go.


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