What I Ate Today #4

Good morning, all you beautiful Internet people out there. My bedhead and I wanted more sleep, but we’re very excited to get started on a new week. There was some late-night drama with the boys last night (over who did, or more importantly didn’t do laundry) that meant I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight. To be fair, the boys don’t argue a lot, and when they do, the one thing that unites them is their desire to deal with it amongst themselves and ensure that we, their parents, are clueless. But when my wife heard the front door open and close, she decided to investigate, and it turned into A Whole Thing. So I’m a little short on sleep today.

The Week Ahead

But now that I’ve been caffeinated, I’m feeling pretty damned excited about the day and week ahead. It’s gorgeously sunny outside, so I’m going to do my best to get out and soak up some Vitamin D. My tendonitis is still niggling, but I’m going to try another walk today and see what happens. I’ve got my weekly weigh-in tomorrow evening, and I’m hoping that my efforts since Friday to get back on track pay off with a little weight loss. If not, I’ll keep at it for the next full week, and I’m sure I’ll see more positive results at the next meeting. Then on Wednesday, I’ve got my first solo (without my PT) hydrotherapy session. And then on Friday, I’m going to try my first group hydrotherapy session.

Friday may end up being a long day, because that group session starts at 8am, and I’m really hoping to watch Black Widow that night. It might be tricky, because the general consensus of the fam is that they don’t want to go to the cinema while the city is under mask restrictions. Luckily, the movie is available on Disney+ for (I think) $30. But there’s some grumbling about paying $30 to watch a movie on our own TV, in our own home, on a streaming service we pay for with a monthly subscription fee. My counter-argument that it’s much less than the $100+ we’d spend at the cinema doesn’t seem to be winning. I’ll keep at ’em.


Really decided to mix it up this morning, and substituted salsa for the fresh diced tomatoes in my omelette. Usually, I add a little Tabasco sauce to the egg mixture to give the thing a little kick, but decided to go with the salsa today. The omelette is normally 2 points, but the salsa added 1 point, and an extra slice of cheese brought it up to 4 points. Edit: Actually, it’s 5 points because while 1 slice of cheese is 1 point, I just found out that 2 slices of cheese is 3 points.

Getting Shit Done

I know this will seem lame to all you beautiful Internet people who are regularly-productive humans, but I’m feeling pretty good about my morning efforts so far. It’s 9:45am, and so far I’ve emptied the dishwasher (not my job!), done a load of laundry and started a second (the first load was totally my job, but not the second), meditated (I use the Calm app), more-or-less caught up on the news, cooked and ate breakfast (and cleaned up my mess, absolutely my job), and blogged about it all. None of that is completely outside my normal capacity, but on top of it all, I’ve drank all the water in my water bottle! I don’t know how much it holds, but I’ve been trying to drink at least 2 bottles a day, and I’m been failing pretty consistently. Today, I’m feeling confident that I’ll get there.


Lunch started out as a simple enough idea. Then I complicated it. A lemon and herb chicken breast steak. Simple. Brown rice. Simple. Steamed vegetables. Simple. But since my veggies were broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot, I thought hey, why not a cheese sauce? And that got a little complicated. I did a little googling and putting ingredients into my WW app, and worked out that a proper cheese sauce would be, like, 10 points. I used low-fat cheese and substituted non-fat Greek yoghurt for the milk and got it down to 5 points. It was okay, but a work in progress. The chicken was 2 points, the brown rice and steamed veggies were 0 points, so 7 points for lunch, and a total of 12 points for the day so far.

Stepping Out, Then Stepping Right Back In

I tried to spend some time out in the sunshine, but it was too windy. So instead I went for a nice drive, reacquainting myself with the area and enjoying the scenery. Sunshine through the windscreen doesn’t help with Vitamin D, but there’s still some psychological value in it, so it was all good. Then I went for a walk around the shopping centres so that I could get some exercise indoors. Google says I did 3600 steps in about 36 minutes, so that’ll do it for today.


Monday night is Comfort Food Night. One of the boys invites a friend from uni over, and I do my bit to make sure he eats at least one good home-cooked meal a week. Sometimes it’s bangers and mash, other times a roast chicken dinner, or a stew. This week it was meat loaf, only it turned out that the dude flew home yesterday. This information was deliberately withheld to ensure that I didn’t pull some kind of switcheroo and deny my children the meat loaf they crave. I returned the favour by making a healthier version of the meal so that I could enjoy it, too. Not only were they clueless about the changes, apparently they prefer them. Win!

The meat loaf was 8 points, the mashed potatoes were 2 points, the gravy was 1 point, and the green beans were 0 points, for a total of 11 points for the meal, and 23 for the day so far. Oh yeah, I drank 2 bottles of water today before dinner. Turns out that’s about 1.5 litres (50 oz, 6.25 cups), so I still need to up my game. But it’s an improvement, and I’m happy with it. Good job, me!

Aaaaand I decided to have a little sweet little something for dessert, and found a tub of this Tilly’s Silky Salt Caramel ice cream in the back of the freezer. 3 points for a serving, to finish the day with 26 points.

And that’s it for me. I think I’m going to go read for a little while, and then go to bed. Good night, y’all. Be good.

Song of the Day

Happy 78th birthday to James Royal “Robbie” Robertson. I was going to put a link to “The Weight” because it’s a great song and probably the most well-known, but I really like this solo effort from Robertson, so I went with “Broken Arrow.” That Robbie Robertson album came out right after I started college, and was heavy in the rotation. Possibly acquired (with a new name and address) from Columbia House along with a dozen or so other cassettes for a penny. If you haven’t listened to it for a while (or ever), you should get on it.

Oh what the hell. Here’s “The Weight” as a bonus track. Not by The Band, but with Robbie, Ringo Starr, and a bunch of other people joining in from all over the world through Playing for Change. It’s awesome.


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