I Bailed

I didn’t go to my Weight Watchers meeting this weekend. I made a lot of excuses (it was Election Day, I was already stressed, etc) and I’d taken actions to sabotage myself (stayed up till 3am the night before), even though there was a part of me that very much wanted to go. I know I’ve put on weight these last few weeks, and that bums me out. But going to the meeting, weighing in, and facing the reality is how I usually focus my weight loss efforts.

It’s Monday morning, now, and I’m making another effort to get back on track. I made a soup last night, and I’ll make another one today. I had a healthy breakfast, and I’ve tracked it. I’ve asked my family to help me. I’m hoping that, if not this week, I start my morning walks again next week.

The family health issue we’ve been dealing with is ongoing. My son is on the mend, but his progress is slow and uneven. We’re preparing for the likelihood that this is going to be a hard week, while also trying to be optimistic, and trying to provide support for each other.

I’m disappointed in myself for allowing this to derail my progress, but I know it won’t help to keep beating myself up about it. I need to let that go and get back to the work. I feel guilty for selfishly thinking of myself when my focus and efforts need to be on my son, but also remember that to help him, I also have to help myself.

I know that I’m not doing very well right now, but I’m not giving up.


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