Weigh-In #27

Not a good week–I didn’t walk, I didn’t track, I didn’t stay focused, and I had a couple of bouts of emotional eating–but I still managed to lose 0.8 kg (1.76 lb) for the week, weighing in at 167.0 kg (368.3 lb). It’s worrying how easily I can slip off track, but at the same time, I feel like even when I do, I can catch myself before I go completely off the rails. Part of that is due to recognizing what is happening WHEN it’s happening, and immediately trying (even if not entirely successfully) to mitigate the damage. I let myself get upset about US politics (I’m an American citizen trying to ensure that my vote is counted), and that led to some emotional eating that took me two days to get under control. But I’m happy that, even if it took a while, I got there, and went to meeting to acknowledge it and move on.

I’m still on track to hit my mini-goal before the end of the month. Not quite halfway through the month, and I’ve got 2.4 kg (5.3 lb) to go. I can do that.


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