Weigh-in Day #22

When I weighed in at my Saturday meeting, I hit the scales at 171.5 kg (377.9 lb), for a weekly loss of 4.3 kg (9.5 lb). As happy as I am with that BIG loss, I’m just as happy that it’s a loss for the fourth week in a row. Because I know that’s going to be the key to success. The big losses are great (and I really need them right now, because I can already feel a difference in my energy levels, stamina, daily pain levels, etc. I’ve lost 14.5 kg (32 lb) in the last 4 weeks, and it’s taken some of the pressure off my body (and, if I’m honest, my mind, too). But the big losses can’t last much longer. I’m doing it by severely restricting my calories–down to 500 to 800 a day, eating lean meats and vegetables. Now I’m slowly adding more variety and increasing the calories. Yesterday I ate breakfast for lunch–2 fried eggs, breakfast sausage, and hashbrowns, and it felt extremely indulgent. And it was. Nearly 600 calories. Which I followed with a delicious pasta bake for dinner, with another 700 calories.

So 1300 calories for the day, eating (relatively) large servings of tasty, nutritious foods, and even though it felt like a huge treat, it was reasonably low in calories (and even lower in WW points). And that’s probably what I’m going to be aiming for, at least over the next couple of weeks. Coupled with more movement, I should keep losing weight, even if the numbers aren’t as big as the last few weeks. And while I haven’t received my weekly report from Fitbit yet, I know I’ve been moving more. I did over 10,000 steps every day from Tuesday through Saturday, including a big 16,000+ steps on Saturday when a quick trip into the city turned into a 4 km+ stroll through the City Botanic Gardens and the South Bank Parkland. Which was really great, but also exhausting. Worth it, though. I need to keep at it until 5k walks are no big deal.

This new local meeting that I’ve been going to this year is helping more than I thought. The leader or coach or host or whatever they call them now is really enthusiastic in a way that might otherwise be annoying but that I’m embracing and really finding helpful right now. And some of the other women in the group are really friendly, supporting, and encouraging. It’s really nice, and I’m going to work harder to return the favor. Definitely not one of my strong points, but something I need to work on. At the meeting, I received a key ring and a little charm to celebrate losing 20 kg. I’ve hit that 20 kg milestone three times since joining Weight Watchers in back in 2017, and this is the first time I’ve gotten a prize for it. The recognition and encouragement, if not the trinket, was nice. I’m trying to learn how to be more generous to myself and pat myself on the back a little, and to feel worthy when I get it from others. I really need to work on that.

My goals this week are to reintroduce more variety (and more calories) to my diet, to keep up the increased activity (I did 4 morning walks last week–not at 5 am, but before noon, so they still count), and to keep a positive attitude. That last one is so important, even if I tend to talk about it the least. I’ve been using a mood tracker app (Daylio) for the last six months, and it’s been amazingly helpful. I’ve been much more consistent with it than with my habit tracker app (HabitShare), but I’m going to try to work out how to make the habit tracking more useful, and a regular part of my routine.


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