Weigh-in Day #18

I feel like I’m starting to settle in and starting to get some better habits going, and that was evident in my results. Again, not a big loss this week, but I lost 0.9 kg (2 lb) over the last week, putting my at 180.6 kg (398 lb). My goal for next week is to get under 180 kg.

I skipped my morning walk on Thursday and Friday, using the fact that my wife was sick as an excuse. That’s not cool, but it sure seems easy to convince myself that it totally makes sense for me to skip going for a walk because she doesn’t feel well and in sleeping in. But even with skipping those two morning walks, I averaged 8725 steps a day, which is a little more than last week. So hey, you know, I’ve got that going for me.

In terms of food, I did pretty well. I averaged around 56 SP, which is up a little bit compared to last week, and since my daily allowance is 58 SP, that means I was in my “food tracking zone” on Tuesday through Friday. I’ve never really paid much attention to that, but I know that some people on the program participate in challenges and try to be in the zone every day for a month. I can see the value, but it seems a bit risky.

I say that thinking that if you have a big slip-up any day of the week, you’ve got nothing to counterbalance it, and you’ve blown it. But having said that, I went over my points allowance by quite a bit on Saturday, mainly due to unexpectedly drinking a bottle of wine during a “TV date night” with my wife. And yet I still managed to lose weight over all, so maybe I’ll have to think about trying a “Blue Dot Challenge”, if only for a week rather than a whole month. Baby steps.

Mood-wise, I’m pretty low. I’m trying to focus on the achievements (and it’s handy that there are some to focus on), but while my early mornings go alright, I’m usually feeling a bit lost and unfocused by lunch-time, and throughout the afternoon and evening. I’m going to try to add more structure to my routine and see if that helps.


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