Weigh-in Day # 17

I’ve had a pretty busy week trying to get myself back on track, and while I wasn’t as successful as I’d like, I’m not going to complain. Well, not too much. My official weight this morning was 181.5kg (400.1 lb), down 0.6kg (1.3 lb). So it’s not exactly a mind-blowing loss, but it ain’t bad. Looking back through my previous weigh-ins, my biggest weekly loss was 4.1kg (9 lb). Which seems kinda insane. And my average weekly loss was 1.9kg ( 4.2 lb).

I’m not surprised by the loss, because I tracked my food and exercised all week, and averaged 52 (out of an allowance of 58) SP, around 8700 steps, and 55 “active minutes” a day. Again looking back through old posts, the weeks with the big losses were more like 40-45 SP and 10-12k steps. So if I want to see similar results, I’ll need to up my game a little bit.

But for now, I think I’m going to try to ease in. Especially with the exercise. I know that I have a tendency to want to get more steps. I really, really want to get into shape enough to do some long walks and hikes. But I know that if I push too hard, too soon, I’ll end up hurting myself, and that’s no good for the long term. Slow and steady, right? I mean really, if I’d lost an average of .6kg every week since I quit, that would be 39.6kg (87.3 lb). I’d weight 125 kg (275 lb) right now.

That’s what I’ve got to focus on. One day. One week. One month. One year. Keep going. It all adds up if I just keep at it.


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