Weigh-in Day #10

I’m still in semi-holiday mode, but for the most part, I’ve done pretty well this week. There was the Mexican Food Mishap on Saturday, and I may have overindulged just a little bit at my son’s birthday party yesterday. But even with those days counted, I ate an average of 58 SmartPoints, just 1 point over my daily allowance. Not counting those two days, I averaged 51SP, which is just under 90% of my daily allowance.

I think it probably didn’t hurt that I had 9 days between weigh-ins this time (I’m back at my regular meeting now), because I had a  2.4 kg (5.3 lb) loss this “week”. I’m down to 174.6 kg (384.9 lbs – yes, I know I should round it up to 385, but UNDER 385, y’all! ), for a total loss of 17.7 kg (39 lb) since I started Weight Watchers at the end of May, 2017) and 15.4 kg (34 lb) since the first week of November, 2017.

I wasn’t as active this week, but I have started trying to walk on the treadmill working on a new plan where I walk on the treadmill instead of getting up early and going for my morning walks. I did it on Friday and Saturday, and it worked out pretty well, and meant that I got in over 10k steps on both days. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it up, because walking on the treadmill seems to exacerbate my tendinitis even  more than walking outside. But it may work out if I try doing a few shorter walks and icing my Achilles tendon in between. Either way, I should end up with over 50,000 steps for the week, which is down a lot from a few weeks ago when I was averaging 80-90,000 steps a week, but it’s still reasonable.

My sleep is slowly improving, although I only had a single night where I slept over 7 hours. According to my Fitbit, I averaged 6.25 hours last week, which is about where I was the week before Xmas, and up from the weeks before that when I was averaging about 5.5 hours. I’m not sure I’m ever going to get up to 8 hours a night, but I’m going to keep working toward getting at least 7 hours. I think that when school starts, I’m going to have the same bed-time as our ten-year-old. The joys of adulthood. 🙂

I’m getting better about drinking water during the say, although it still hasn’t become a habit that I don’t have to think about, and I’m still not drinking as much water as I’d like. I meditated every day, read a book for pleasure most days, and I’ve written blog posts several days this week. I’ve socialized (both online and off), and I’ve done heaps of stuff around the house and yard. I’ve spent “quality time” with the family and generally felt in a better, brighter, more motivated and optimistic kind of mood. I wouldn’t say that I’ve achieved the status of being a happy, healthy, well-adjusted human person, but at least I’m getting better at impersonating one. Fake it till you make it, right?


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