Weigh-in Day #8

I went to a meeting this morning (just for the weigh-in) and I’ve lost another kilo (2.2 lb) since Monday. That’s what I expected, so I’m happy with the result. Really, I am. I swear I’m not complaining about losing over 2 pounds in less than a week. I would be happy if I’d only lost half that much. Even a quarter. Anything. It’s not the amount that’s bugging me this week. It’s the variation over the last couple of months.

Looking back over the last 8 weeks, I’ve had 4 weeks where I’ve lost more than 1kg but less than 2 (I’m calling those weeks Group 1), and I’ve had another 4 weeks where I’ve lost more than 2kg (Group 2). The average loss for Group 1 weeks was 1.25kg (2.75lb), while the average for the Group 2 weeks was nearly twice as much, at 2.425kg (5.3lb). The question that keeps bugging me is what’s happening that’s different between the two groups?

One thing that jumps out at me is that 3 of the 4 Group 2 weeks (more weight loss) were before the change to YourWay+ (Freestyle in the US, Flex in the UK), and 3 of the 4 Group 1 weeks (less weight loss) were after the change. Maybe the extra 0-point chicken and eggs is having a bigger impact that I thought. Because when I look at the amounts of SmartPoints I ate in the two groups, I don’t see a lot of difference. Because my SP allowance changes almost every week, and changed a lot when they switched to the new system, it’s not always easy to compare one week to another. Looking at the average daily SmartPoints I ate, there’s a significant difference — 46.5 SP in Group 1 and 55.5 SP in Group 2.

Which makes it look like I lost more when I ate more, but that gets skewed by the system change and the increase in the number of 0-point foods. But when I compare how much I ate to my daily allowance, it works out to be exactly the same. Over the 8 weeks, I’ve tended to use between 73-80% of my daily SP allowance, but when averaged out within the two groups, in each case it’s 76.5%.

I don’t think it has anything to do with how active I am. In the Group 1 weeks, I earned an average of 195 FitPoints, compared to Group 2 weeks when I earned 247 (264 if I correct for the short week). And the pattern in the same when I look at time spend exercising — an average of 220 minutes in Group 2 weeks, compared to 344 for Group 1. I’m moving more, but I’m losing less weight (and sadly, I’m definitely not gaining a couple of pounds of hidden muscle from the 10-minute workouts I’m doing).

So I dunno. Maybe it’s the 0-point chicken and eggs (I’ve definitely been eating more of both since the change to the new system), or maybe FitPoints and SmartPoints aren’t the right measures. Maybe I need to look at calories, macronutrients and all those sorts of things. Ugh! That’ll mean inputting a lot of meals and recipes into another app, and one thing’s for sure–I’m not starting now. Maybe after Xmas. Or maybe I just keep going for another 4 or 8 weeks and see how it all goes. If I weigh less and feel better two months from now, then it’s all good, right?

In any case, as of this morning I weigh 175.3kg (386.5lb), I’ve lost a total of 17kg (37.5 lb) since I joined Weight Watchers in June (I think in several posts I’ve said I started in May, but I’ve double-checked and it turns out it was definitely June), and 14.7kg (32.4 lb) in the last 8 weeks. That means I have to lose 5.3kg (11.7 lb) in the next 4 weeks (plus a few days) to meet the short-term goal I’ve set for myself. An average loss of 1.325kg (2.9 lb) a week. I’ve averaged a loss of 1.425kg over the last 4 weeks, but that was without any Xmas and New Year shenanigans. I think I’m going to need a couple of Group 2 weeks to make up for a couple of days (and nights) of holiday decadence. I sure wish I knew what to do differently to make that happen.

I’m going to try to get that third goal-setting post finished and posted some time this weekend, but in case I don’t, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, y’all! And thanks for reading all my numbers-obsessed rantings (while I keep insisting that IT’S NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS! lol).


One thought on “Weigh-in Day #8

  1. Great news!
    As I was reading this I was thinking you should be glad you aren’t a women, then you would also have to take into account hanging hormone levels which cause water retention at different times of the month, and cause fluctuations on the scales. I go from losing .2 or .3 pounds for two weeks in a row, then drop 2 or 3 the next week. I try not to worry about it as long as the scale is consistently moving in the right direction.


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