Stretching Myself

I’m an idiot. After feeling so bummed about the all the aches and pains that seemed so likely to overwhelm me, I’m much better now. What’s changed? Two things. First, I’ve started doing some stretches. Nothing fancy; a 6-minute video I found on YouTube. I’m doing it once when I get back from my morning walk, and again in the afternoon. Such a small thing, and yet it’s made a HUGE difference. And the other change is even smaller, but also important.

My attitude and feelings about the pain I’m feeling has changed. It helps that, thanks to the stretches, I’m in a lot less pain and I’m not hurting all over. And in many cases, I can link an ache in a particular body part to a specific reason–that bit hurts because I worked those muscles harder in my upper body workout yesterday, or this join hurts because I did the equivalent of 9 extra flights of stairs today.

Even the tiredness I feel at the end of the day (even more frustrating when it’s NOT the end of the day) doesn’t upset me as much when I can look back at a few accomplishments–well sure I’m tired, look at all the things I did today! I’m still feeling some disappointment, frustration, and pessimism, which I hope will be alleviated as I get my day more organised.

The morning routine is getting better, and that helps. I’m trying to take it slow, and gradually add more tasks and goals and build more of a schedule. In some cases, it’s just little things–get up, get dressed, and get out for a walk without checking Facebook or Twitter. Just that little thing is saving me 10 minutes in the morning. By adding my upper body workout to my calendar and sending myself a couple of reminders, I’ve done it every day this week. I’m trying out a goal-setting app (, and my goal is to drink more water. So far I’ve hit the goal every day.

My plan is to just keep adding things, one or two each week, and if I can do that, not only will I be getting more done, but hopefully I’ll feel better at the end of the day because I will have accomplished more of the things I wanted to get done that day. That’s a different kind of stretching, I guess. But one that could end up being just as beneficial as the other.

“Things rarely get stuck because of lack of time. They get stuck because the doing of them has not been defined.”

–David Allen


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