Pain Is Not a Lifestyle

Lord Byron said that “the great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.” And the dude knew something about pain. He had a deformed foot that caused him a lot of pain and discomfort, but also exercised regularly trying to fight against gaining weight. And while I’m super keen on feeling that I exist and participating as fully as possible in the art of life, the pain sucks. And it feels like the most unsustainable part of this whole weight-loss enterprise.

The Achilles’ is getting better. It hurts on my morning walks, but is okay the rest of the day. But even while my ankle is improving, the rest of my body feels like it’s taking a beating. I hurt all over. Not a lot, but enough to notice. Just low-level but ever-present soreness and fatigue. I desperately wanted to go to bed at 8 o’clock last night. I didn’t, because we ended up decorating the tree after dinner, but damn, I wanted to. So much.

According to Fitbit, the only thing that was different about yesterday was that I was active for about an extra hour. I guess that’s mostly from a bit of work I did outside and a few extra chores around the house, but if so, it’s kinda sad that it feels so hard to do so little. Hopefully that’ll get better as I continue to lose weight, but I’m going to have to find some ways to deal with it in the meantime.

I’ve been thinking of incorporating some stretches into my morning routine. That might help. And finishing my showers with just cold water. I’ve read that it improves circulation, increases energy, and is even good for your skin. I did it yesterday and lasted for less than a minute. I’ll try to do better today.


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