Weigh-in Day #5

I was very happy (and a little relieved) today when I weighed in at 178.9kg (394.4 lbs). Between the changes to the SmartPoints™ system, not walking for half the week, and my Great Emboozlement on Saturday night, I’d decided that I would be happy with any loss, and was expecting something around a kilo. I was a little surprised to find that I’d lost double that. A 2.1kg (4.6lb) loss this week means I’ve lost 13.4kg (29.5 lb) since I started back in May, and a little over 11kg (24lb) in the last 5 weeks. That keeps me on track to hit my next milestone.

One thing I’m doing differently this time is to try to keep a good balance between trying new foods and recipes and sticking with things I already know I like. In the past, I’ve gone a little overboard in terms of trying new recipes. I’m not too shabby in the kitchen, but I’m not Wolfgang Puck, either. I do okay as long as I don’t have too many things going at once. And if I keep in mind that, no matter what the prep time is for the recipe, it’ll take me at least (at LEAST!) twice as long.

Anyway, when I’m trying to eat healthier, I tend to get a little out of hand with trying new recipes. I do the meal plans. I buy the ingredients. I realize that my fridge is too small to hold all the fruits and vegetables and special “light” versions of everything that I need to make the new meals. Then I cook 50 new things, discovering at the last minute that I’m missing one ingredient for at least 20 of them, being late getting meals on the table every night, and often feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

And for my efforts, out of 50 new things, 30 of them are really not for me (I’m trying to be kind and not say they’re crap because I know everybody’s different and somebody somewhere must like it even if I think it’s horrible), 26 of them are okay, but probably not something I’d make again, 3 are good enough that I would make again but never do, and 1 is awesome and I keep making it for years, whether I’m trying to lose weight or not. This time, I’m trying to take it easier. I’m trying new things, but maybe one a week. Or not. And I’m trying to get straight to the one awesome one, and skipping all the crap.


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