Cutting (Measurably) Loose on a Saturday Night

I’ve been taking it easy the last few days trying to let my Achilles’ tendon repair. I’ve been elevating it, putting on an ice pack, and doing some gentle stretches, which has all been very helpful in reducing the pain. The other thing I’ve done is to try to give it a rest. No morning walks. No efforts to get in 250 steps every hour. Just sitting on my butt. It’s been great. But the funny thing is, even while I’m making an effort to stay off my feet as much as possible, I’m averaging a little over 5,000 steps a day.

Which now that I look at it is only about 500 steps more (on average, per day) than I was walking back in July through September, when I wasn’t making any effort at all. In a way, 500 steps really doesn’t seem like much. On the other hand, it’s an indication that I’m making an effort to get out of the house each day. And doing more around the house when I’m home. Today I reckon those extra steps came from my trip to the liquor store and some extra activity in the kitchen that led to a remarkably delicious yet reasonably-healthy dinner.

Even though we had a last-minute change of plans last night that resulted in going out for Mexican food instead of burgers, we had our usual Mexican Saturday Night meal. But I decided to try a few different ideas. I made pico de gallo, which was generally a hit with the fam, and I made a dish with roast pumpkin, corn, black beans, spinach, salsa, and shredded cheese that was awesome. Along with rice, grilled chicken breast, and salad, it was fantastic and filling, and only 1 point more than the meal I had last night, which was…adequate at best.

After a great meal, I retired to the veranda with a glass of whiskey in hand. Truth be told, I’d already had a few while I was cooking. I measured out each drink, and recorded it in my food diary, and while I went well over my daily limit, I had banked enough points through the week that I could’ve drank the rest of the bottle and half of another before I ran out of points. But I didn’t do that. I enjoyed a few adult beverages (and then a few more), and then I decided that it was enough, and I stopped. I think it was good practice for Christmas.


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