Out of Action…Temporarily

Tendinitis in my left Achilles’ tendon is getting bad enough that I’m going to try following medical advice instead of trying to push through and hope it goes away.

  • No walking for the next two days
  • Ibuprofen to reduce pain and swelling
  • Elevation
  • Ice pack several times a day
  • Gentle stretching

Hopefully that will take care of it, and I’ll be back out pounding the pavement (or if the forecast is right, on the treadmill) by the weekend.

But really, I’m more worried about the interruption to my routine than I am about the injury itself. I don’t want to let it become an excuse to screw things up. The walking may not have much of an impact on my weight loss in terms of the number of calories burned, but I know it has a lot of other benefits. Even with the aches and pains, I feel better (physically and emotionally) when I do it. The physical activity is part of it. Getting outside is another. The “good morning” exchanges, smiles, and waves with people in my neighbourhood. It all helps. It’s at least a small part of what I was talking about yesterday–living the better life I want NOW, and not waiting and hoping that it’ll just happen somehow after I’ve lost weight. I’m a Morning Walk Guy.


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