Weigh-in Day #3

My weight this morning was 183.6 kg (404.7 lbs). I lost 1.4 kg (3 lbs) over the last week. I was hoping for more, but not entirely expecting it. I don’t feel like I’ve kept my eating under control this week. And I won’t get my weekly progress report from Fitbit until tomorrow, even if I did around the same number of steps for the week, the distribution, like with my food points, has been more uneven.

Mainly, that comes from the fact that on Wednesday, I did a LOT of walking. I said last week that within a month  I wanted to do 20k steps in one day. I ended up doing exactly that the very next day. By accident, sort of. The last few weeks, I’ve been going into the city ad walking along the river. It’s nice. This week, I decided to walk to one of the pedestrian bridges, cross the river, and then go for a little walk around the city botanical gardens. A 5k (3mi) walk. And I did, and it was nice. Lots of great scenery and people-watching and even a coffee right there on the bridge.

And even when it dawned on me that I’d done that walk in addition to, not instead of, my usual morning walk, I still didn’t think about doing over 20k steps in the day. My morning walk is around 4k steps, the extra walk was about 8k. But then later in the day I had to do some grocery shopping and errand-running, and that night I took my son to basketball training and so instead of my usual 6k steps from incidental walking around, I ended up with about 10k incidental steps for the day. Adding that to the 12k I did during two purposeful walks, and I ended up doing 22,333 for the day. Awesome!

Until the next day. And then the days after that. I was so sore! My back. My legs. But most of all my feet! Which is why there was so much variation in the number of daily steps. One HUGE day on Wednesday, then I barely managed to get 10k on Friday, and even though I still did my morning walks on Saturday and Sunday (yes, I had crepes again!), I took it pretty easy and didn’t do much else.

So I think the main lesson from this week is that it’s important to stick with it, but not try to over-do it. I don’t think I’m going to try for a 25k-step day any time soon.


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