More Moving, Less Sitting

I know that being smarter about the food (and drink) I consume is going to be the key to losing all the weight, and that exercising isn’t going to be much of a direct help. A quick look at previous Fitbit reports shows that all the extra walking and moving I’m doing is burning an extra 1,400 calories a day. Which is great, but I can undo that with one trip through the drive-through.

So my primary focus is on what I’m eating, but I was still very happy to see my weekly report from Fitbit. Over 10k steps every day, and on my best day (Tuesday), I did over 16,500 steps. Wow! I did better in almost every measure–total steps, floors, distance, average daily calories burned, total active minutes, and even my resting heart rate. My big failure was sleeping–an average of 19 minutes less than last week, and over an hour less than I’m trying for. I’m just not getting to bed early enough most nights. And since Queensland doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time, the sun is rising before 5am, and sometimes that’s waking me up early.

I definitely want to get the sleep back up to 7 hours a night. Or at least a lot closer to it than I am now. I don’t feel like I’m going to become a lot more active, but I’m going to try to at least maintain the level of activity I’m at right now.   And even if I don’t increase my average steps per day, I want to get more steps on my best day. Within the next month, I want to do a 20k-step day.


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