First blog post

Hi, my name is Wil, and I’m fat. Like, really fat. At my fattest, I weighed 431 lbs (195.5 kg). That was over 10 years ago. I lost a lot of weight (but was still really fat), then slowly put almost all of it back on. This blog is part of my effort to lose even more weight, and finally get down to a normal, sustainable, liveable weight.

Back in May, I started going to Weight Watchers again. This time I weighed in at (424 lbs) 192.3 kg. Since then, I’ve been making a half-hearted effort, and had very little in the way of positive results. Two weeks ago, I started trying harder. Mostly, that means cutting out most alcohol and junk food, eating more fruits and vegetables, and being more active.

Losing 200 pounds isn’t the same as losing 20 pounds. The chances of success are almost non-existent. Almost 98% of people who try, fail. I’ve been failing at it for over 20 years. This blog is part of my new strategy to change that.


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